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Trickhouse Live: An Integrative Arts and Performance Series
w/D.R. Ransdell & Erec Toso

Trickhouse Live is co-organized by TC Tolbert, Assistant Director of Casa Libre and Noah Saterstrom, founder/ curator of Trickhouse.org.

Tuesday, May 6
7-9 p.m.
$5 Suggested Donation

in·te·gra·tive adj \ˈ in-tə- ˌ grā-tiv\
combining and coordinating diverse elements into a whole

Trickhouse Live is an integrative arts series that brings together people working with words, images, sounds, videos, and a variety of performances. The series serves as a venue for visiting artists to interact with local artists and for the borders between genres and mediums to be permeable. Trickhouse Live is a physical world extension of the online cross-genre arts journal, Trickhouse.org which is based in Tucson.

Performer Bios

D.R. Ransdell writes from Tucson, Arizona, where she enjoys good swimming weather most of the year. She has a mystery series featuring Andy Veracruz and a contemporary international romance series featuring Gina Campanello. During the school season she teaches composition to international students at the University of Arizona. She also moonlights in a mariachi band, which gives her plenty of ideas for murder victims. When vacation starts, she hits the road, leaving behind several mischievous cats. One of her favorite travel destinations is Greece, where she can devote afternoons to splendid beaches and evenings to bouzouki music. Please visit her at http://www.dr-ransdell.com/.

Erec Toso continues to study with his teachers -- Simone the lovely tortoise-shell cat and Roger, the ruggedly handsome desert spiny lizard. With their guidance he is learning to juggle teaching, writing, doing prison writing workshops, raising two sons, and house-holding. Progress is slow, his teachers report, but, if he continues to work hard, he may someday finish his next writing project, a collection of essays that ruminate on and detail life in an increasingly urban Southwest.

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