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Past Programs / Directions to Casa Libre

Photo by Sarah Dalby

Cache Girl Saves the World Weekend
films, workshops, and artist symposium
cosponsored by Native Punx

  • Friday, December 17 (description)
    7-9pm: Interactive Viewing and Symposium
    Cache Girl Saves the World: A Novel in Visions
    $5 suggested donation
  • Saturday, December 18
    "Your Work, Your Way: an introduction to independent publishing, marketing, and distribution"
    with Adam E. Stone

1-3pm: Workshop (description)
"Your Inner Hybridist" with Thirza Defoe

7-9pm: Screening of Native American short films (description)
$5 suggested donation

The DVD Cache Girl Saves the World: A Novel in Visions will be available for sale at all events for $15. Cash or check only.

Photo by Sarah Dalby

7-9pm: Interactive Viewing and Symposium
Cache Girl Saves the World: A Novel in Visions
$5 suggested donation

Adam E. Stone and Thirza Defoe will be on hand to show excerpts from Cache Girl, and to facilitate question and answer sessions about the making of this unique literary work. There will also be a music demonstration and still photos from the novel on display.

Cache Girl Saves the World: A Novel in Visions is Adam E. Stone's fourth novel. The release in September 2010 by Global Dialogue Press introduced a new medium for literary fiction: the "novel in visions," which combines audio of the novel's text with still photographs of some of its action, packaged in DVD format. Cache Girl Saves the World tells the story of Ta'li, a young runaway whose Cherokee ancestors died on the Trail of Tears. Searching for peace for herself and the world, Ta'li finds herself in the swamps of Southern Illinois' Cache River, where, with the help of the Swamp Asp and the legendary Big Muddy Monster, she embarks on a daring quest to bring her vision of empathy, empowerment, unity, social justice and ecological wisdom to a humanity seemingly bent on self-destruction. 

Photo by Sarah Dalby

Shot predominately on location in Southern Illinois by principal photographer Sarah Dalby, Cache Girl Saves the World features both abstract and concrete photographs of the area's natural beauty, and of Grammy Award-winning musician, American Indian Film Award-nominated actress, storyteller, and renowned dancer Thirza Defoe, of the Ojibwe and Oneida Nations, who stars in the piece as Ta'li. Defoe co-produced the novel with Stone, whose previous traditional print novels are Xamon Song, Kingston Fugue, and The New Harmonies.

For more information and trailers visit: Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Thirza Defoe - Giizhiigoquay (Oneida/Ojibwe Tribes of WI)   is a Grammy Award winning artist and is internationally known for hoop dancing, art of storytelling, & cultural education.  Defoe’s dedication and passion have been awarded recognition in both the Native American and artists’ circles throughout the world. BFA degree work received at California Institute of the Arts. Currently working on MFA at Goddard College in Vermont. An interest is laid in bridging an integral approach to artistic projects pulling in humanitarian messages rooted through music, literature, and video. Founder and advocate for Native Punx. Recent writing publications can be viewed in the Pitkin Review, Woody Guthrie Anthology, & Thorny Locust MagazineFor more info visit: www.thirzadefoe.com

Adam E. Stone is the author of four novels Xamon Song, Kingston Fugue, The New Harmonies, and Cache Girl Saves the World: A Novel in Visions. He earned a BA in English from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and a law degree from Southern Illinois University School of Law. From February 1998 to October 2008, Mr. Stone served in the United States military, first in the Air National Guard, then in the Air Force Reserve. For more info visit: www.adamestone.com

Workshop space is limited to 10 people in each workshop. Please send an email RSVP to casakeepers@casalibre.org to reserve a space. Workshops can be taken individually or together. $25 each or $40 together

Your Work, Your Way: an introduction to independent publishing, marketing, and distribution with Adam E. Stone.

Novelist Adam E. Stone will discuss basic elements of self-publishing and independent publishing, including business-formation alternatives and legal considerations, working with printers, marketing, promotional tours, new distribution outlets, and using new media to present your writing the way you want it presented

Your Inner Hybridist with Thirza Defoe


What is a hybrid form? Answering this question depends upon research across and into other disciplines. We research hybridity to create both a vocabulary and an environment for our own projects and concerns. Becoming another, or joining with another genre, in diverse ways.  We hear conversations, speeches, diatribes, and catch phrases throughout our daily lives. This workshop separates what the eyes see and ears hear.  Writers are encouraged to discover their inner hybristist. Main Focus dialogue. Genres covered, you pick: prose, poetry, playwriting. 


Thirza Defoe will facilitate a workshop to incorporate observation, dialogue, and captured images. The method of instruction for this class combines an in-class writing experiment.  Requirements: bring a digital camera, cell phone, pen, pencil, and paper. Get ready.


Native Punx Short Films
7-9pm (with short breaks in between films)


(2006, 13 mins.)

Writer: Clementine Bordeaux
Director: James Lujan
Producer: Shawn Imitates Dog
Mentor : Keith Gruchala
Executive Producers: Paula Starr and James Lujan
Cast: Eva Thomas , Ian James , Kalani Queypo , Mark Reed , Brian Wescott , Mary Mora Cordova

Onscreen: Halloween night on the reservation brings out pranksters and possibly real monsters when a young couple stumbles upon a fallen, shaggy-haired creature that may or may not be bigfoot.

(2008, 10 mins.)

Writer: Cody Harjo
Director: Sydney Freeland
Supervising Producer: Stephanie Stonefish Ryan
Producer: Pamela J. Peters
Mentors: Travis Adam Wright , Gladys Rodriguez , Heather Ford
Executive Producers: Paula Starr and James Lujan
Cast: Larry Omaha , LaVonne Rae Andrews , Andrew Roa , Eagle Young , Niya Harjo .

Onscreen: In a future wracked by global warming and controlled by an authoritarian government, an American Indian family goes into hiding, holding out one last hope for the planet's survival.

(2008, 13 mins.)

Writer/Producer: Migizi Pensoneau
Director: James Lujan
Supervising Producer: Stephanie Stonefish Ryan
Mentors: Keith Gruchala , Paul McAvene , John Taylor , Ian Skorodin
Executive Producers: Paula Starr and James Lujan
Cast: Cody Lightning , Pierre Barrera , Mark Reed , Jesse James Youngblood , Brian Wescott , Happy Frejo , Jason Grasl

Onscreen: A vengeful young Indian man seeks to join a vampire slayer cult, and gets far more than he bargained for when he ventures into a seedy bar just outside the reservation.

(2006, 9 mins.)

Writer/Director: Princess Lucaj
Producer: Angela Koenen
Mentor : Tim Ramos
Executive Producers: Paula Starr and James Lujan
Cast: DeLanna Studi , Elena Finney , Thirza DaFoe , Princess Lucaj , Kalani Queypo .

Onscreen: Old sibling rivalries and resentments are stirred up among a traveling drum group of four sisters when one of the sisters decides to quit.

(2007, 18 mins.)

Writer/Producer: Shawn Imitates Dog
Directors: Arthur Allan Seidelman and Chad Richman
Mentor : Keith Gruchala
Executive Producers: Paula Starr and James Lujan
Cast: Alex Meraz , Patrick David , DeLanna Studi , Eva Thomas , Yvonne Fisher , Brandon Oakes

Onscreen: Tired of living a closeted life on the Lakota Indian reservation, a young gay man must summon up the courage to leave the only home he's ever known and strike his own path.

(2009, 17 mins.)
Writer/Director: Roberto A. Jackson
Supervising Producer: Tony Estrada
Executive Producers: Marjorie Neset and James Lujan
Cast: James Lujan , Eduardo Flores , Angeleah Cuevas , James Blackburn , Joshua Santana , Omar Zuniga

Onscreen: A reclusive Indian man must decide whether or not to get involved when a family of desperate illegal immigrants arrives on his doorstep.

(2007, 19 mins.)

Writer/Director: Kalani Queypo
Producers: Kalani Queypo , Angela Koenen
Mentors: David Lewis , John Blizek
Executive Producers: Paula Starr and James Lujan
Cast: Tantoo Cardinal , Rulan Tangen , Raoul Trujillo

Onscreen: A mother searches for answers within her Native teachings as she struggles to come to terms with her adult daughter's terminal illness.

(2008, 15 mins.)

Story: Rhett Lynch
Writers/Directors: Creative Spirit NM Class of 2008
Supervising Producer: Tony Estrada
Mentor : Thom Eberhardt
Executive Producers: Marjorie Neset and James Lujan
Cast: Cameron Martinez, River Shields , Autumn Shields , Valerie Prue, Gil Whitlock, Neil Faulconbridge, Eduardo Flores

Onscreen: While playing the part of a stereotypical Indian for a History Channel documentary, a Native American actor wanders astray and finds himself stranded in the woods with a couple of lost children.

For more information on Creative Spirit short films please visit: www.nativefilm.org



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