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Edge 56: a Reading Series of Emerging and Younger Writers
w/Éireann Lorsung, Allison Ramirez, & Reva Mariah ShieldChief

Curator: Melissa Buckheit
Melissa Buckheit's Bio

A note from the curator: I have often wanted to listen to authors who are in the same place in their career as myself--emerging, published in journals, with a chapbook and/or a first full-length book, still growing but full of passion, new ideas, and an edge. But there is often infrequent opportunity for this; in fact, I have often felt disappointed in the lack, that such an open community might often be circumscribed in its literary programming.  Additionally, featuring emerging writers engages other young as well as established writers, to support, frequent and attend Casa Libre and other writing events. This cycle creates the foundation for a writing community which self-generates, remains true, open, and allows many voices the opportunity for visibility and being heard. I want Tucson to be an artistic community which includes and features many voices and peoples. Literature is the province of communication, but also reflectivity, the reflection and representation of all our narratives and of new narratives and ideas, voices which are challenging and also challenge us.

Wednesday, July 17
7:30 p.
Suggested Donation: $5

Come to Edge: A Reading Series of Emerging and Younger Writers. Edge is a series of local and national writers and cross-genre artists, emphasizing diversity of narrative, identity and literary source. Its purpose is to create community, visibility and voice for emerging and younger writers. Broadsheets of the authors' work will accompany each reading. Books and journals will be available for purchase and signing by the authors. Refreshments will be available after the reading.


Éireann Lorsung's two collections, both from Milkweed, are Music For Landing Planes By, 2007 and Her Book, August 2013. Her poems recently appear in or are forthcoming from Beloit Poetry Journal, Gigantic Sequins, Burnside Review, Colorado Review, DIAGRAM, and Women's Studies Quarterly; prose appears or is forthcoming in Two Serious Ladies, The Collagist, DIAGRAM, and Bluestem. She lives in Belgium, where she edits 111O (111oh.com) and co-runs MIEL, a micropress (miel-books.com).

Allison Ramirez, a Tucson Native, is currently working on her bachelor’s degree majoring in Sociology, with a minor in Creative Writing. She not only has a passion for acquiring knowledge about many social ills, she enjoys expressing her perceptions about them through various forms of Art


Reva Mariah ShieldChief: Formerly Reva “Mariah” S. Gover, Ms. ShieldChief has recently reclaimed the name Shield Chief as a happy rectification of census misidentification at the turn of the 20th Century.  Mariah’s poetry has been published in various journals including Red Ink Magazine, Brooklyn Review, Salt Fork Review, and Cimarron Review, as well as in the anthologies Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas, Ahani: Indigenous American Poetry, both edited by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke and Sister Nations: Native American Women Writers on Community, edited by Heid Erdrich and Laura Tohe. Mariah’s poetry collections, Right Here at Home and Tomorrow We Ride (both as yet unpublished) span her days as an undergraduate and graduate student at the University of Arizona; single motherhood; tumultuous and sometimes ridiculous relationships; the death of her baby daughter Ryann; health issues; pow-wows; 49s; wardances; five unforgettable weeks traveling Europe; repetitive and positive affirmations; as well as the deliberate choice to “keep on keepin’ on.” A joy and guilty pleasure, she has also recently finished a genre-fiction novel, tentatively titled, Cimarron. Ms. Shield Chief lives and works in Tucson, AZ as a freelance writer and consultant. She is the owner of The Chupitit Group, LLC: Business Consultants for Modern Native America. As many of her old friends and college cronies know, Mariah is still the single mother of a beautiful boy—young man, Daniel “Bowen” ShieldChief. She remains ever proud as he is a good son, good grandson, nephew, brother and person in general. He is working hard to return to the University of Arizona and commence being a second generation Wildcat. He even writes a little poetry…

Next Edge Reading will be held September 25.

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